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Customer Journey will not send emails?

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi all,

A customer journey I sent live this morning is not sending any emails to the attached segment. The segment is live and without errors, the marketing email is live without error (contains unsubscribe link, address, and other required criteria) and the customer journey has gone live without error, however none of the emails are sending and it's been nearly 2 hours.The start date and time is also set for earlier this morning, and I am in the correct time zone.

Can anyone think of why this might be happening?


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    Fubar Profile Picture
    Fubar 2,750 on at
    RE: Customer Journey will not send emails?

    What always catches me out is on the General tab, there is an automatic delay in the start date and time.

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    Zylgwyn Lucas Profile Picture
    Zylgwyn Lucas 20 on at
    RE: Customer Journey will not send emails?

    There are few steps before launching your first email marketing to the world. First best to set up your DKIM for your sending domain 
    Here's the documentation -->

    Once that step is being setup and properly executed, you can add an auto-scheduler in your journey in between that Segment & Marketing Email Message box. Set it to your desired launch date.


    After that, you can then do a test send to your own email first to ensure the deliverability from your Dyn365 Marketing environment. Once you confirmed that you received it, then you can publish this customer journey. 

    Hope this helps. 


  • Ana Pereira Profile Picture
    Ana Pereira on at
    RE: Customer Journey will not send emails?

    Hello jbrown99.

    Can you please raise a service request with Microsoft Team and please include on the customer statement the customer journey ID, 

    In order to get the customer journey Id, open the customer Journey affected and copy the URL from the browser, the customer journey ID should be on the last part of the URL. 

    thank you


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