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Difference in Lookup Windows

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Hey everyone,

This is a weird one and I have tested but cannot seem to find what is causing the difference. Basically, we have one user whose lookup window (for something like vendors) looks different from everyone else. She does not have the Find by field, etc. There is still the select as well as the Find, Re display and Zoom button in the Action Pane. I have tried changing the user preferences but that does not work. If I create an identical user on the server and pull up the window it looks fine. That makes me think it is not a security issue but maybe a computer one? I'm not even sure at this point. Any tips or suggestions would be great. 

Their window:


Everyone elses:


  • RJarrell Profile Picture
    RJarrell 275 on at
    RE: Difference in Lookup Windows

    Yes! That was it! Thank you

  • David Musgrave MVP GPUG All Star Legend Moderator Profile Picture
    David Musgrave MVP ... 13,781 Super User on at
    RE: Difference in Lookup Windows

    As Richard mentioned, your Alternate Forms and Reports ID is not pointing to the alternate (nice looking) lookup windows in the Smartlist dictionary, but to the original (v5.5 style) lookup windows in the Dynamics dictionary.

    This has probably occurred by creating a new ID rather than copying the existing DEFAULT one as a base.

    You will need to assign access to all Alternate windows in the smartlist dictionary. You can do this as a single step as per Richard's instructions.



  • Verified answer
    Richard Wheeler Profile Picture
    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: Difference in Lookup Windows

    It appears this user is using the old style lookup windows. Go to Tools->Setup->System->Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports and pull up the assigned ID and change product to Smartlist and make sure all the Smartlist versions are checked. Also, under Tools->Setup->System-User Security that the Aleternate/Modified Forms and Reports ID matches what you checked previously.

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