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Tracking down SQL Timeout Errors?

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi everyone!

We are being plagued with SQL timeout errors in Dynamics Field Service. We are on 2021 release wave 2, Server version: 9.2.21112.00140, Client version: 1.4.3618-2111.2. The errors happen when creating new or saving changes to work orders. The error seems to clear up within about 5-10 minutes. It is occurring at random times of the day, sometimes 3 to 4 times per day. I haven't identified a pattern with the timing of when it occurs. The error message text is below.

Sql error: SQL timeout expired. CRM ErrorCode: -2147204783 Sql ErrorCode: -2146232060 Sql Number: -2Error code: 0x80040265Session Id: 6743f87a-0f7c-4bce-bc97-8226ebd99502Activity Id: e2b8b50b-cde0-442d-b260-aca6db44fb2aTime: Thu Dec 30 2021 08:14:23 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)

I found a similar thread recommending SSMS Server Profiler. I have attempted to connect to the database with SSMS which I am able to do in read-only mode but I cannot connect to SQL server profiler because my company has MFA enabled and it doesn't let me chose AzureAD with MFA as a sign in option. At least I think that is what the issue is.

Any pointers or recommendations would be greatly appreciated as I have been pulling my hair out over this for a while.



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    RE: Tracking down SQL Timeout Errors?

    Hi Bipin, I do have a ticket open with Microsoft but it's a hard one to diagnose due to not being able to replicate it on demand. I also have a ticket open with a 3rd party consultant agency looking into it as well. I appreciate your suggestions very much. We do not have any custom plugins at this time and we haven't ever. System jobs are running with no errors for the past week. Thank you again for your time.

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    RE: Tracking down SQL Timeout Errors?


    I would suggest you to submit Support ticket to Microsoft for this issue because we don't have any control on SQL Backend for online instance. Also the error message is generic which does not p[rovide much details.

    Meanwhile, could you please check plugin trace log if you have created any custom plugin on Work Order entity. Also, check system jobs for any error.

    Please mark my answer verified if this is helpful!


    Bipin Kumar

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