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Master Planning - Planned Orders

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I have a scenario where in I have unchecked "Include on hand Inventory" and "Include Inventory Transactions" - I don't want D365 to consider the on hand quantities and transactions.  But when I run the Master Planning, no planned orders are created.  If I check both the options the planned orders are generated.

Please suggest.


  • Daxer Persson Profile Picture
    Daxer Persson 3,005 on at
    RE: Master Planning - Planned Orders

    I think, that "include inventory transactions" as ticked is required for the master planning to identify sales order demand (and will then also find purchase order lines).

    if 3rd party transactions are causing issues, then possibly eliminate them with a "negative purchase forecast"?

  • RE: Master Planning - Planned Orders

    We want both to be unticked. I tried with "include Inventory transactions" ticked that works, but since there is some issue with open purchase orders which flows from 3rd party integration they want both "On Hand" and "Open Transactions" to be excluded.

  • GuyUK Profile Picture
    GuyUK 28,341 on at
    RE: Master Planning - Planned Orders

    Try it with 'Include inventory transactions' ticked.

  • RE: Master Planning - Planned Orders

    Hi Guy,

    This is a make to order scenario so all the demand source is a Sales Order.  My requirement is, I don't want the on hand quantity to be considered while running the Master Planning. I have unchecked the "Include on hand" in my Master Plan (dynamic).  We don't have any forecasts setup and that is not a requirement as well.


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    gkumar Profile Picture
    gkumar 740 on at
    RE: Master Planning - Planned Orders

    Hi Narasimha ,

    If you are ignoring on-hand and transactions(sales,safety stock ,purchases,transfers) ,considering only sales demand forecast then you are essentially running forecast plan.

    If you run forecast plan ,it will also not generate any planned orders as forecast plan just  updated purchase and inventory forecast.

    Are you trying to generate Planned Purchase orders so that , they can be used  as a guide to setup Purchase/trade agreements with vendors?

  • GuyUK Profile Picture
    GuyUK 28,341 on at
    RE: Master Planning - Planned Orders

    What is creating your demand? Be careful that excluding inventory transactions is not removing your demand (e.g. Sales orders).

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