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Norwegian payment (Localization)

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Posted on by 114
There is an payment export issue in Norwegian legal entity.
I am referring a AX2012 document and going through the customer and supplier payment process in D365FSCM.
In the payment process, an bank payment file is required to be export.
There are 2 payment files required, e.g.
For these, I am trying to import the payment format from Microsoft Global repositories.
TelePay 2.01 : I don't find it in the repositories
BBS Direkte Remittering :  According to Microsoft, the payment format has been depreciated, and replaced by AvtaleGiro.
I imported it form Microsoft global repositories, but I don't find it in the method of payment.
Does anyone know how to configure these payment models for Norway?
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    Alireza Eshaghzadeh Profile Picture
    Alireza Eshaghzadeh 10,767 Super User on at
    Norwegian payment (Localization)
    Hi STP,
    You can find Telepay format on vendor payment method on File formats > Setup just for File Analyze.
    I recommend to check with the bank, if you can send them payment file (utbetalingsfil) med ISO20022 format as most Banks in Norway support it. For more information about payment process (Remittering), you can take a look on my blog:

    Regarding AutoGiro (NO) and AvtaleGiro (NO), it is created for Customer payment and not vendor payment
  • STP Profile Picture
    STP 114 on at
    Norwegian payment (Localization)
    Do you mean ISO20022 replaces the format I mentioned in the question?
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    Hana Xue Profile Picture
    Hana Xue on at
    Norwegian payment (Localization)
    You can refer to the blog about payments in Norway. It has several sections. You can open the sub-links in the blog to view other sections.
    Best Regards,

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