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Business Central V23 List Page Search filter breaking the text you type

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Posted on by 27
Hi Everyone,
With the recent update to version 23 we are experiencing a strange phenomenon when it comes to search bars on list pages.

And its a little difficult to explain, but here goes:

When using the search bar on, lets say the items or purchase orders for example, what normally occurs as you type is the list /updates and filters/ itself in an /auto-complete/ kind of way so when you see what you need you can click on it without having to type it in completely.

However, recently, after the latest business central major update. Now, what should be normal functionality occurs it is now messing with the text you are typing. Its almost like it reverts to the text that is in the search bar to ,as it was before, when doing its job to update the list.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so is Microsoft aware? It's pretty debilitating when trying to use list pages.

We've tried multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems.