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Project or Portfolio Risk Management Approaches in Project Operations

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A capable ISV is starting an implementation with the agency I work with in the next few weeks. I've reviewed a lot of the Project Operations product pages.  I'm interested in what kind of risk and issue management processes have been implemented in solutions.  Does the base product some with existing processes and templates or are these functions 'custom' built. This question applies to both project level and portfolio level where the risk analysis might require some relatively advanced analysis tools for interdependency risks.   Pointers to published content or videos would be very much appreciated. 

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    Juan Simon 996 on at
    RE: Project or Portfolio Risk Management Approaches in Project Operations

    Hi Dan,

    OOTB it has the tables Risks (msdyn_projectrisk) and Issues (msdyn_projectissue) where you can log these against Projects, Programs, and other tables if you wish. This can be done with No-Code inside the platform (you need to know Dataverse) and more sophisticated things with Low-Code tools like Power Automate. Dynamics is flexible enough to support almost any scenario.

    Using ‘code’ inside a Dynamics 365 application is ‘normally’ only after these two ways do NOT support what you want to do (last resort) because there is more risk and overhead being introduced to your project.

    I don’t know what you mean by integration with Excel models, but you can use the native Excel export or edit function within all Dynamics apps plus more with Power Automate. You can google what you wish to do and find tons of blogs and videos on the topic.

    Perhaps this might help you: Hack #1: Where to start with Dynamics 365 Project Operations? | Welcome to D365Hacks 


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    Canadian Dan 5 on at
    RE: Project or Portfolio Risk Management Approaches in Project Operations

    Thank you Saurabh, I appreciate the answer.

    Wondering if any other solution providers have added in integration with other tools or providing custom integration with Excel models.   I'm not looking to "borrow" anything - just wondering what successful approaches are out there.

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    saurabh bharti 14,932 Super User on at
    RE: Project or Portfolio Risk Management Approaches in Project Operations


    Interested to see others view but as far as i understand Project Ops has very basic Risk and Issue framework which just allows us to list risk and issues but doesn't allow us to link to tasks or any action

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