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Error when creating an opportunity

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Posted on by 36


When I create and opportunity and try to save the record I receive the following error message/code:


An unexpected error occurred.

Error code: 0x80040216Session Id: d3d374d2-11a6-4b05-8670-2a85c493439eActivity Id: 865fb773-d2f0-4366-afc1-6ee6a386a99aTime: Wed Apr 21 2021 11:03:34 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)
What could be the reason for this?
  • l.oliver Profile Picture
    l.oliver 36 on at
    RE: Error when creating an opportunity

    Hi Wahaj Rashid,

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    I have downloaded the log file:

    Exception Message: An unexpected error occurred.

    ErrorCode: -2147220970
    HexErrorCode: 0x80040216

    ApiExceptionSourceKey: Plugin/Microsoft.Crm.ObjectModel.SyncWorkflowExecutionPlugin
    ApiStepKey: ac528ab4-6e86-eb11-b1ad-000d3a3a1b5d
    ApiDepthKey: 1
    ApiActivityIdKey: f0e642d6-f872-4552-8230-22561910b3f6
    ApiPluginSolutionNameKey: System
    ApiStepSolutionNameKey: System
    ApiExceptionCategory: SystemFailure
    ApiExceptionMesageName: UnExpected
    ApiExceptionHttpStatusCode: 400


    [Microsoft.Crm.ObjectModel: Microsoft.Crm.ObjectModel.SyncWorkflowExecutionPlugin]
    [ac528ab4-6e86-eb11-b1ad-000d3a3a1b5d: ]

    Activity Id: 2b8e95cf-bc3e-4c4c-9e36-1407391c03f8

    And this is what I found in DevTools:


    Do you have any suggestions based on the log file or screenshot of dev tools for what I should do?

  • Suggested answer
    Wahaj Rashid Profile Picture
    Wahaj Rashid 11,317 on at
    RE: Error when creating an opportunity


    Seems like you have a JavaScript function registered on the Save which is failing.

    Can you download the log file? It should have more details. 

    You can also use Dev Tools and keep an eye on the console to see the error.

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