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Partner level access to customer BC Environment - without applying one of the customer BC Licenses to a Support User

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We have a scenario where a user has purchased 2 D365 BC User subscriptions. However while these have been applied to the customer accounts, this means that the Consultant trying to setup and manage the Tenant has no access to completed this.

We have been advised, but not told how to, that we can login to the customers environment as the partner support account not requiring to be assigned a BC user subscription directly within the customers O365 portal.

In effect we would have a 'Partner' level subscription that allows use to login and manage any of our customer tenants without having to use a customer level subscription.

Is this possible, or do we have to have in effect a 'Admin/Support' subscription for the partner to be able to fulfill implementation and subsequent support etc.

Any help or direction is welcomed.


Steven Nettleship

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    RE: Partner level access to customer BC Environment - without applying one of the customer BC Licenses to a Support User

    Couple of ways you can do this listed under access the admin centre

    What it doesn't tell you is that when you do this as the partner of record/delegated admin and you click on the hyperlink to open the production BC you can then open the BC as admin without a licence being consumed

    Note it will inject your username into that BCs user table so the customer needs to be aware of that

    It solves the issue of a partner not needing a licence to access the BC itself - not sure how we can deal with assisting when the customer has BI/Flow/PowerApps/RDL reports etc as they would need a user login to connect to BC and this admin access doesn't give you a login you can utilise to do that

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