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Invoices will not post into history

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Posted on by 90

I have invoices that will not post through our nightly invoicing process.  Most do, but a few remain.

I ran the edit list and there is no errors on the invoices...any suggestions to manually post them through?

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    Beat Bucher  GP Geek  GPUG All Star Profile Picture
    Beat Bucher GP Gee... 28,002 Super User on at
    RE: Invoices will not post into history


    The first steps when trying to fix some unposted documents in the SOP module would be to run some reconcile to see if GP can 'fix' it by itself in recalculating some totals.. Sometimes it might be the tax calculations that is off just by a few cents.. I can see that you're using AVALARA Tax calc, and that should prompt you to open a case eventually with them too..

    The next step which is more invasive, would be to run some CheckLinks against the SOP module (work & history) to have GP fix any inconsistencies between the records. This is more invasive and can be destructive in some cases, so it's highly recommended that you take a full backup of the company data first and run this when nobody is in GP (off-hours), or even best, restore the backup into a TEST company and run it from there. The output report that is produced might help you identify the culprit and provide some hints to prevent further happenings of this issue.

    Reconcile: Sales >> Utilities >> Reconcile

    You may wanna look also into this :  Sales >> Utilities >> Reconcile-Remove Sales Documents

    Click on the HELP icon to understand what's all about this process.

    CheckLinks: Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Maintenance >> Check Links

    Select the Sales module and then select all tables related to "Transactions" from left to right.

  • HarrisSeeds Profile Picture
    HarrisSeeds 90 on at
    RE: Invoices will not post into history

    Good afternoon,

    There is no error after original posting fails, it just remains in the Sales Entry batch.   Here is a screen shot example of one of the invoices.


    Our orders are imported via web and also straight through GP if customers call in.  They begin as ORD's and then translate into INV's once we ship product out.  We run a nightly process for any filled items for the day to transfer over to INV.

    Most of them go through fine, but the past two weeks we have had about 45 get stuck and not post through correctly.  I have had IT review and they cannot seem to find any errors that stick out.

  • Nicole Hellerud Profile Picture
    Nicole Hellerud 1,710 on at
    RE: Invoices will not post into history

    Hello Harris,

    Thank you for your update.

    After the invoice fails the initial posting and you go to repost them, do you get an error at that time?

    How are these invoices being brought into GP? Manually? Imported?

    How are users accessing GP when posting?

    I look forward to your update when available.

    Wishing you and yours healthy and happy days ahead!

    Nicole Fiskum

    Support Engineer

    Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • HarrisSeeds Profile Picture
    HarrisSeeds 90 on at
    RE: Invoices will not post into history

    Good afternoon,

    When I try posting them through our Sales Entry Batches...there is no errors given on the edit list.

    Some of the invoices in the batch post through perfectly fine, but the past two weeks or so...there has been a number of them not posting through.

    What should the next step in the process be do you believe?

  • RE: Invoices will not post into history

    Hello HarrisSeeds,

    Thank you for using Community Forums. My name is Becky and I will assist you.

    I would try to post them and see what type of error you get when they do not post. Many times, the documents partially posted, and are in both work and history. If this is the case, follow the below blog to troubleshoot.

    Also, at the bottom of this blog are what values need to be in the SQL table in order for the invoice to successfully post.

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