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How to Reactivate AA for one company

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for GP2018, how can I reactivate AA for just one company?

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    Andrea Melroe Profile Picture
    Andrea Melroe 3,437 on at
    RE: How to Reactivate AA for one company

    Thanks for the clarification. Here are steps you can test:

    Steps to Uninstall and Reinstall Analytical Accounting for One Company:

    *Always make a restorable backup of the databases (including DYNAMICS) prior to making any changes.

    Make sure no users are in the system.

    1. First determine the company ID of the company from which you will be removing AA.


    -- Note that XXX is the company database name (Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Company >> Company ID field).

    2. Download and run the script associated with STEP 11 only of KB Article 915903 (KB915903_10.sql) against the company database. (Copy this script into SQL):

    915903 Steps to remove Analytical Accounting from a computer that has Microsoft Dynamics GP installed:

    3. Run the following scripts against the DYNAMICS database. Once again XXX is the database name and Y is the CMPANYID value from step 1. (Plug in TEST DB name and ID below)

    DELETE DB_Upgrade where PRODID = 3180 and [DB_NAME] = 'XXX'

    DELETE DU000020 where PRODID = 3180 and companyID = 'Y'

    DELETE DU000030

    UPDATE AAG00104 set aaCompanyStatus = 0 where CMPANYID = 'Y'

    4. At this point AA is uninstalled from the company, run Dynamics GP Utilities to reinstall the database objects.

    Hope this helps!


  • HFLo Profile Picture
    HFLo 190 on at
    RE: How to Reactivate AA for one company

    Thanks for helping.

    I want to reactivate, meaning to deactivate AA for  that company and reactivate / setup AA.

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    Andrea Melroe Profile Picture
    Andrea Melroe 3,437 on at
    RE: How to Reactivate AA for one company

    Hello, this is Andrea, and I can assist you with your question today.

    You should be able to activate Analytical Accounting via the Accounting Setup Wizard (AA is always activated on a per company basis). You can get to that window by clicking on Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Analytical Accounting >> Setup).

    I have attached the Analytical Accounting pdf to this communication. Chapter 1 talks about setup and activation.

    I hope this helps!

    Andrea Melroe | Sr. Technical Advisor | Microsoft Dynamics GP


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