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How to configure the new report design for Sales Invoice?

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi everyone,

I created a new precision design for SSRS report of "SalesInvoice", so that there are 2 precision designs in this report, one is named "SalesInvoice.Report", the other is "SalesInvoice.INWKPeruReport".   I read a post here, which I believe is very helpful, as it addresses sales order confirmation, but the way to do it should be similar, I guess, at:

And I did something to reconfigure in Accounts Receivable module like this :

Now 2 new problems occurs,every time I want to print the Sales invoice for this company:


-1- If I use "Copy Preview" or "Original Preview" button from the CustInvoiceJour form, it's still pulling up the old precision design(just the "SalesInvoice.Report", instead of "SalesInvoice.INWKPeruReport" I developed )...

-2- "using print management" button, it's using the correct new precision design, but there are 2 printing forms being popped up, I debugged and it seems there are 2 print settings being loaded, but I didn't modify the printing framework code, though....


Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

OR, if you have any better idea to organize the new SSRS report so that it can be pulled for the new company use, it would also be helpful.

Thank you,


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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: How to configure the new report design for Sales Invoice?

    Did you remember to deploy your report again?

  • venkatesh vadlamani Profile Picture
    venkatesh vadlamani 3,180 on at
    Re: How to configure the new report design for Sales Invoice?


    The copy or original only open the proforma report  when you open from CustInvoiceJour  as far as i know.

    That is still pointing to the old design because when you trigger a proforma from invoice jour record the report name that attaches to the execution is still old one . You need to change it  here

    PrintMgmtDocType classe's getdefaultReportName() method. It will always point to what ever you set over there.

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