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The SubGrid OnRecord Select event does not trigger when the grid is not editable.

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Our requirement is to have a subgrid that recalculates the voucher price whenever a data item is selected, and it should also perform the recalculations for multiple selections. Is this something that Dynamics cannot do? From what I understand, we can only trigger the event when the grid is editable, which is not what we want. Is there any way to do this? 

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    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    The SubGrid OnRecord Select event does not trigger when the grid is not editable.
    You can implement this through a custom rule for the subgrid button:
    Execute a specific method when a subgrid record is selected.
    In my example, when a Opportunity subgrid record is selected, the unbound action Recalculate is performed to recalculate the amount for that Opportunity.
    The code is below.
    async function main(SelectedItemIds){
        //If any subgrid records are selected.
        if(SelectedItemIds.length !==0){
            //Iterate through all selected opportunity records and recalculate their amounts.
            for(let item of SelectedItemIds){
               await Recalculate(item).then(
                function success(response) {
                    if (response.ok) { console.log("Success"); }
            ).catch(function (error) {
        //Returns false and always hides the button.
        return false;
    function Recalculate(ID){
        //Perform the unbound operation Recalculate.
        var execute_RecalculatePrice_Request = {
            entityLogicalName: "opportunity", // Edm.String
            entityId: {guid: ID }, // Edm.Guid
            getMetadata: function () {
                return {
                    boundParameter: null,
                    parameterTypes: {
                        entityLogicalName: { typeName: "Edm.String", structuralProperty: 1 },
                        entityId: { typeName: "Edm.Guid", structuralProperty: 1 }
                    operationType: 0, operationName: "RecalculatePrice"
        return Xrm.WebApi.execute(execute_RecalculatePrice_Request)
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    Dengliang Li

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