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How to make selection in report data contract to handle multiple value ?

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Posted on by 898
Hi guys,
If I understand correctly, when create report, we can only create Data Contract class, and let the system handle the UI. So, we do not need to create UI Builder class.
In extend, when we have certain parameter already defined in that Data Contract class, usually by writing Data Member Attribute, can we also make it enable for multiple value ?
When lets say I have this parameter RetailChannel :
[DataMemberAttribute,     SysOperationLabelAttribute('Channel')    ]    public RetailStoreId Channel(RetailStoreId _Channel = Channel)    {        Channel = _Channel;        return Channel;    }
How to make this parameter allow multiple value ? Can we still NOT create UI Builder class ? and how's the RDP class get the value then ? Means how to process it by read this multiple value ?
Thanks in advance.
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    Community member 898 on at
    How to make selection in report data contract to handle multiple value ?
    Hi Layan,
    Yes, I actually using query. 
    Thanks for your reply and advice.
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    Layan Jwei 2,829 Super User on at
    How to make selection in report data contract to handle multiple value ?
    Hi Community member,
    Yes for contract parameter multi select, you will need uiBuilder, check if the below link helps:
    Also you could replace data contract with query filter ( if you saw in some dialogs, there is a tab called "Records to include" which you can utilize to select multiple values without using uiBuilder) But this depends if your report is using query or not.
    Layan Jweihan
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