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Sort, range not working - fetching data from AX table using Query AIF service

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I' am successfully retrieving data from Microsft Dynamics Ax2012 via AIF document services. However, it shows me all the records with no filters applied and not sorted. I didn't get any error message.

C# Example:

public async Task GetCustTableByCurrencyCodeAsync(string currencyCode)
    QueryResult queryResult;
    ExecuteQueryResponse executeQueryResponse;

        var customerDataSource = new QueryDataSourceMetadata
            Table = "CustTable",
            Name = "CustTable",
            HasRelations = false,
            Enabled = true,
            DynamicFieldList = true,
            EnabledSpecified = true,
            FetchModeSpecified = true,
            DynamicFieldListSpecified = true,
            OrderModeSpecified = true

        var range = new QueryDataRangeMetadata
            TableName = "CustTable",
            FieldName = "Currency",
            Value = currencyCode,
            Enabled = true

        customerDataSource.Ranges = new QueryRangeMetadata[] { range };

        var sort = new QueryDataOrderByMetadata
            DataSource = "CustTable",
            FieldName = "AccountNum",
            SortOrder = SortOrder.Descending

        var query = new QueryMetadata
            QueryType = QueryType.Join,
            DataSources = new[] { customerDataSource },
            OrderByFields = new QueryOrderByMetadata[] { sort }

        var paging = new PositionBasedPaging
            StartingPosition = 1,
            NumberOfRecordsToFetch = 10,
            NumberOfRecordsToFetchSpecified = true,
            StartingPositionSpecified = true

        ExecuteQueryRequest req = new ExecuteQueryRequest(query, paging);

        using (var client = ClientFactory.CreateClient())
            executeQueryResponse = await client.ExecuteQueryAsync(req);

        queryResult = createQueryResponse(ToDataSet(executeQueryResponse.ExecuteQueryResult));

    catch (Exception ex)
        throw new FaultException(ex.Message);

    return queryResult;

Why is sort and filter not working?

Thank you in advance,

  • Martin Dráb Profile Picture
    Martin Dráb 225,610 Super User on at
    RE: Sort, range not working - fetching data from AX table using Query AIF service

    You seem to be using the Query service, not an AIF document service.

    Unfortunately I don't see anything wrong in your code, therefore I don't have a solution for you.

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