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Creating Financial Dimensions through X++ Code

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Hello guys,

So i've been asked to write an X code which imports Financial Dimensions (Dimension Attribute) and their values (DimensionFinancialTag) from an Excel file, the code i wrote successfully adds values to an existing Fianacial Dimension (created manually via the form) but if the Financial Dimension does not exist it has to create a new one, which it did apparently, but it couldnt somehow add values to this newly created FinancialDimension. I concluded that my code isnt creating it right. I couldnt find any solution, I tried debugging the whole process but it was too complicated. This is the code I wrote, hopefully someone could find my mistake or could recommend an existing method (Standard) that rightly creates a Financial Dimension.
Thank you guys so much.

static void HMCImportDimensionsFinancieres(Args _args)
    SysExcelApplication     application;
    SysExcelWorkbooks       workbooks;
    SysExcelWorkbook        workbook;
    SysExcelWorksheets      worksheets;
    SysExcelWorksheet       worksheet;
    SysExcelCells           cells;
    COMVariantType          type;

    int                     row=1;
    Dialog                  dialog;
    DialogField             dialogField;
    Filename                filename;

    DimensionAttribute              _dimensionAttribute;
    DimensionFinancialTag           _dimensionFinancialTag;
    DimensionAttributeDirCategory   _dimensionAttributeDirCategory;
    DimensionValue                  _dimensionValue;
    Description                     _description;
    Name                            _name;
    RecId                           _financialTagGategoryRecId;
    int                             nb_dim,nb_val;

    application =           SysExcelApplication::construct();
    workbooks =             application.workbooks();
    dialog =                new Dialog("FileOpen");
    dialogField =           dialog.addField(extendedTypeStr(FilenameOpen),"File Name");;

    if (
        filename =          dialogField.value();
    catch (Exception::Error)
        throw error("File Cannot Be Found");

    workbook =              workbooks.item(1);
    worksheets =            workbook.worksheets();
    worksheet =             worksheets.itemFromNum(1);
    cells =                 worksheet.cells();



        row  ;
        _name           = cells.item(row, 1).value().bStr();
        _dimensionValue = num2str(cells.item(row, 3).value().double(),0,0,0,0);
        _description    = cells.item(row, 4).value().bStr();

        _dimensionAttribute = DimensionAttribute::findByName(_name);
            _dimensionAttribute.Name = _name;
            _dimensionAttribute.BackingEntityType = tableNum(DimensionFinancialTag);
            _dimensionAttribute.ViewName = 'DimensionFinancialTag' ;
            nb_dim   ;
        _dimensionAttribute         =   DimensionAttribute::findByName(_name);
        _financialTagGategoryRecId  =   _dimensionAttribute.financialTagCategory();
        _dimensionFinancialTag      =   DimensionFinancialTag::findByFinancialTagCategoryAndValue(_financialTagGategoryRecId,_dimensionValue,true);

            _dimensionFinancialTag.Description          =   _description;
            _dimensionFinancialTag.Value                =   _dimensionValue;
            _dimensionFinancialTag.FinancialTagCategory =   _financialTagGategoryRecId;
                nb_val    ;


        type = cells.item(row 1, 1).value().variantType();

    while (type != COMVariantType::VT_EMPTY);
    info(strFmt('%1 dimensions ont été importées',nb_dim));
    info(strFmt('%1 valeurs de dimension ont été importées',nb_val));

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    Mea_ 60,274 on at
    RE: Creating Financial Dimensions through X++ Code

    Good to here, please mark answer(s) that helped you as verified to close this thread.

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    RE: Creating Financial Dimensions through X++ Code

    Hey ievgen Miroshnikov, I really want to thank you for your interaction with me, I found the solution, the problem was that after creating a DimensionAttribute, I didnt create a FinancialTagCategory and a DimensionAttributeDirCategory (while in standard the system creates them automatically), so i inserted one record each and it worked. here's what i did:

    _dimensionAttribute = DimensionAttribute::findByName(_name);



               _dimensionAttribute.Name = _name;

               _dimensionAttribute.BackingEntityType = tableNum(DimensionFinancialTag);

               _dimensionAttribute.ViewName = 'DimensionFinancialTag' ;

               _dimensionAttribute.BackingEntityTableName = 'DimensionFinancialTag' ;


               _financialTagCategory.Mask = ' ';


               _dimensionAttributeDirCategory.DimensionAttribute = _dimensionAttribute.RecId;

               _dimensionAttributeDirCategory.DirCategory = _financialTagCategory.RecId;



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    Mea_ 60,274 on at
    RE: Creating Financial Dimensions through X++ Code

    Here is an example how to create FinancialCategoryTag but you need to know where to get a value for it

  • RE: Creating Financial Dimensions through X++ Code

    Hey, thanks for the reply, I just realized this "&& _financialTagGategoryRecId" was unnecessary, the problem is i cant add Values with an empty FianacialCategoryTag, so in the process of creating a New DimensionAttribute I need to create with it a FianacialCategoryTag. This i couldnt do. Importing values works perfectly, on the other hand DimensionAttributes aren't created correctly.

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    Mea_ Profile Picture
    Mea_ 60,274 on at
    RE: Creating Financial Dimensions through X++ Code

    First of all, here is a blog post that does something similar

    Secondly, what do you want to do here ?


    This line is "true" only if you don't have _financialTagGategoryRecId value, so why do you create a record in _dimensionFinancialTag with empty category ? Maybe you wanted to write 

    if(!_dimensionFinancialTag && _financialTagGategoryRecId)

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