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Add User Defined Field Paybles TRX Entry

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Posted on by 385

We record some utility bills through payables transaxtion entry and we need to put more info against that bill so we can make smartlist and export the data into excel in this regards, How we can add user defined fields in the below window?? Is there any luck.


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    David Musgrave MVP GPUG All Star Legend Moderator Profile Picture
    David Musgrave MVP ... 13,781 Super User on at
    RE: Add User Defined Field Paybles TRX Entry

    Use Modifier and GP Power Tools to add user defined fields into the actual window.

    The resulting scripts are stored in the SQL system database and there is no additional deployment or upgrade steps.




    In particular:



  • RE: Add User Defined Field Paybles TRX Entry

    Hello Jozy, 

    In my 15 years supporting GP I have never heard of anyone ask for additional information, as utility bills are typically input on a monthly basis, so each has a document date, vendor and document number, so I'm not sure what else you are wanting to track with each invoice, but there is also a 30 character description field, and the PO number field if you are not using that, that you could utilize as well. There is also a reference line on each distribution record where you could add additional information on the GL distribution record.   All of those could be pulled on to reports.  There is also a 'NOTE' on each document that you could utilize as well, or even attach a scanned copy of the invoice, but that would not be able to be pulled on to reports.   But it sounds like others on this post have additional suggestions for you to help achieve the additional fields you want.   

    Repost if any questions. 


    Cheryl Waswick
    Microsoft Dynamics GP Support 

  • Jozy Profile Picture
    Jozy 385 on at
    RE: Add User Defined Field Paybles TRX Entry

    It means GP has no built in functionality to record common utilities bills? How everyone are recording are they also using GP Extender?

  • Joseph Markovich Profile Picture
    Joseph Markovich 3,753 on at
    RE: Add User Defined Field Paybles TRX Entry

    I'd second the recommendation from Craig about using Extender. Then you can add those fields into SmartList (or any other reporting). Hopefully you own it!


  • Craig Fuller Profile Picture
    Craig Fuller 409 on at
    RE: Add User Defined Field Paybles TRX Entry

    We create an Extender Window for this type of thing. It won't add fields directly to this window but it will add a ribbon entry named "Additional" where you would open your Extender created window.

    Extender window data can be added to Smartlists and have a SQL view to use as needed in that regard.

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