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Issue with matching Invoice totals for invoices captured from Invoice Capture app

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Have anyone faced these scenarios where the matching is failing but the system is allowing to post the invoice.
I have pasted the screenshots for the test case 4, but all the below test cases are executed.
TS1, TS2 and TS3 should show the last match status as Failed but is showing as Passed. It is further not considering the workflow conditions as well.
Invoice Capture App for vendor invoice automation
Invoice capture App is used to read vendor invoice files and capture the key value pair for the necessary fields to create a vendor invoice in the D365 Finance against an Open purchase order. These captured values on Invoice Capture app are transferred to D365 Finance to create the actual pending vendor invoice in the system which is then submitted to a workflow to review and finally post.
Problem Statement:
Matching engine and vendor invoice workflow are not able to identify difference in the Imported invoice Total(Value from file received from vendor using Invoice capture) and Vendor invoice total(Pending vendor invoice form).
We have executed the following scenarios to see if the errors are getting tracked when the invoice total on the PO is not matching the invoice sent by the vendor. None of the following scenarios are updating the last match status as failed. When we see the matching history of these invoices, the match status is passed but clearly it should have failed the matching or should have diverted the workflow to the correct reviewer group.
Invoice Capture is correctly capturing the total invoice value and the total GST value into imported invoice total and Imported GST fields respectively. The case where the imported invoice Total and Vendor invoice total do not match, the matching engine as well as the workflow is not correctly identifying the cases. Further it is allowing the invoice to be posted based on the invoice lines populated from the Purchase order lines, which is a big gap in the system.
Test case 4: The quantity, GST is different in the Purchase order line and Invoice line, but invoice total in both PO and vendor invoice is same. The last match status is passed.
Step1: Create a Purchase requisition with the above mentioned quantity, unit price, GST. Submit it to the workflow. PO gets created automatically when a PR is approved.

Step 2: Confirm Purchase order.
Step 3: Add the vendor invoice received from vendor to the received file section of Invoice Capture App
Step 4: Review and resolve errors and warnings on the invoice
Step 5: Transfer the invoice from invoice capture app to D365 Finance
Step 6: Vendor invoice: Total invoice amount and GST amount is matching
Step 7:  Matching History - The Match status is passed
The configurations that are taken into consideration are as follows:
1.    Two-way matching is being used by the company. Tax invoice validations are as follows:
2.    No product receipts are posted or created.
3.    Invoices are created using the Invoice Capture App and are mapped against the Open Purchase orders
4.    Vendor invoices from the invoice capture is transferring the PO header only Information
5.    Vendor invoice lines are created automatically from the ordered quantity. The setup is found in the AP parameters>Vendor invoice automation tab, Automatically create invoice lines.
6.    The Vendor invoice additionally goes through a workflow where it check the invoice total and imported vendor invoice amount is same. If not same then should go to a user group for approval else should be approved automatically.

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