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How to get AssemblyAuthenticationContext from getService() in plugin?

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I've seen IAssemblyAuthenticationContext used in plugins. I want to instantiate it in particular so I can use its AcquireToken() method. However, whenever I look in serviceProvider that is passed into the Execute() function for it, it is never available. This makes my AssemblyAuthContext variable below always null.

public void Execute(IServiceProvider serviceProvider)
    var PluginExecutionContext = serviceProvider.Get();
    var TracingService = new LocalTracingService(serviceProvider);
    // This is always null
    var AssemblyAuthContext = serviceProvider.Get();
    // What I wwant to do
    string token = AssemblyAuthContext.AcquireToken("url", "authResource, AuthenticationType.ClientAssertionCertificateWithX5c);

Anyone know how to make this available in a plugin? Do you have to pass it in somehow?

  • vdblohowiak Profile Picture
    vdblohowiak on at
    RE: How to get AssemblyAuthenticationContext from getService() in plugin?

    It's the same method as doing serviceProvider.Get<IAssemblyAuthenticationContext>();

    I can debug the plugin and inspect what's in serviceProvider. Nothing of type "IAssemblyAuthenticationContext" is in there.

  • Eric benco Profile Picture
    Eric benco 320 on at
    RE: How to get AssemblyAuthenticationContext from getService() in plugin?

    what if happens if you try


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