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Job queues - go to error without retrying since update to 24.2

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We have a site with various marketplace integration running via job queues, since upgrade to 24.2 we are seeing two issues with job queues, has anybody else noticed issues since this update? We believe there are changes in this version with the introduction of the new 'waiting' status.
Note - it's not just a single task that needs restarting, it is multiple job queues over past several days seeing the same issues and at least one needing re-starting twice in two days.
1. Job queue is set to retry but goes to error. 
This task has gone to error status:
Log entries shows success last run times:
But the job is set to retry:
If we click show error message on the job queue entry, it shows a locking message which happens now and then and is a part of any database system;
but - Question - why has it gone to error straight away when it is set to retry - there would normally be log entries for previous failed attempts, and it would automatically retry?
(Yes, I know we can restart it, but this has happened on numerous tasks over several days, not an occasional one off!)
2. Job queue hasn't run
This job queue is set to run every 15 minutes:
However, for the 2nd night in a row, it did not run between 11.35pm last night and 8.10am today when it was at status "waiting" and was manually reset. The job queue logs show no entries for this job between those times. Although there are other job queue entries in the same category, they weren't running permanently so there were gaps for this one to run - longest other task all night was 3 minutes, so this had plenty of time to run. It's like it didn't swap from waiting to active for some reason.
(Note, again there were about 4 other jobs in the same status/same issue, so it's not just one that needs resetting, but I've focussed on investigating this one as it's most critical).
Above has all bet set up and live for around a year / these aren't new job queues.
Any ideas?
  • mdbq Profile Picture
    mdbq on at
    Job queues - go to error without retrying since update to 24.2
    The 'waiting status." has just shown up in this new version. 
  • gdrenteria Profile Picture
    gdrenteria 4,883 Super User on at
    Job queues - go to error without retrying since update to 24.2
    That's correct, apparently there are some bugs around this new state, I have read that there is a fix for version 24.3.
    I hope I have some more information to share with you.

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