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Business Units/Teams/Roles/Users Setup Issue

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I have a new client for which I have to set up CRM online. It's a fairly small firm with about 80 clients. The roles of people using CRM are Relationship Associate, Relationship Manager, Analysts, Managing Partner, etc. Each user is responsible for a set of clients and each client can have multiple users assigned to them. A person should not be able to see/add/edit data for any clients that are not assigned to them. I thought of creating a business unit for each client. Then create Teams with different roles for each business unit. Then assign users to those teams accordingly. There are two issues I am facing with this set up:

1. Each user can have one and only one default business unit and any records created by that user is automatically assigned to her default business unit.If a user is in multiple teams across multiple business units, she can see records for all business units but she can't create a record in business unit of her choice. There is no option to select business unit under which to create a record. This is an issue because if she is responsible for Client A and Client B (also business unit in my setup) with Client A as her default business unit, then whatever record she creates will be under business unit Client A, even though the record belongs to client B. Now, if there is another employee responsible for Client B, she won't be able to see the record created by first user as it is under Client A. This won't work. Also, there is hierarchy of custom entities under each client so that causes more issues.

2. I will have to buy and create 80 users as one user can have only one default business unit.

May be my approach of creating a business unit per client is wrong. Can someone please advise or point me to an article on how to achieve this?

Please let me know if you have questions.

Thanks in advance.

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    GBhagia 15 on at
    RE: Business Units/Teams/Roles/Users Setup Issue


    Thanks for the reply. I looked into Access Teams briefly. It looks like once it is setup when a user is creating a new record, she has to manually give permissions to other users. This has to be done while creating every single record. This might work if there is a one off case of someone wanting access to a few records. But not practical to do it for every single record all the time.

    Am I missing something?

    Thank you.

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    David Carr 45 on at
    RE: Business Units/Teams/Roles/Users Setup Issue


    I can definitely recommend NOT creating 80 BU's.  You have a classic many-to-many between users and clients.  This seems like it would be a perfect usage for "Access Teams": just set one up  for each client, and let the owners define the access.  

    Access Teams

    • Rapidly changing team memberships

    • Allows for >1,000 team memberships per user

    • Individual record based access

    • Owner of the record allowed to define access to other users

    • Can accommodate varying levels of group access types to records

    From <

    Please mark this as the answer if you use it, thanks!


    President, Visionary Software

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