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Project Estimates Calculation

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We use the Project Estimates functionality now in D365 however, we're having some difficulty in achieving absolute autonomy as the split of categories .

The way the Estimate behaves, if it sees Actual costs  greater than the Forecast cost, it inflates the calculated forecast cost (See below)

Actual cost Forecast cost


Forecast Cost

Item          1,000         1,000                 1,000
Expense          3,000         4,000                 4,000
Hours          1,200            200                 1,200
Total          5,200         5,200                 6,200

Even setting the setup to "Forecast - Actual" , if your scenario is 200 - 1,200 the result isn't   -1,000  as you'd expect, it rounds it up.

We have other issues because the production consumption method won't work - but that's another story for another day.

I am pretty sure I've exhausted every combination setup of Cost Template and so on but the fact that calculation means that you cannot just set the template at a total level, seems to be the restriction.

So, in the above example I want:  5,200 / 5,200 = 100%

Instead the system does: 5,200 / 6,200 = 83.8%

Hope this makes sense but would really appreciate again if anyone else has encountered the same or has resolved this with any development... would make a significant time saving for us.

Thanks in advance,


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