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Smartlist and Excel

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We keep having something strange happen to only one person.  She will export a smartlist out of GP into excel.  She can be working on the excel export and then all of the sudden excel stops working and says your working in an unlicensed product please sign in.  She can open any other excel file on our network and she does not get this even at the time that she has her smartlist export open.  This only happens with exports from smartlist.  To fix this, she has to remote into our RDS server and open excel in that.  She doesn't have to sign in or anything just literally open excel and then close out.  Then she has to export the smartlist again and it works.  This happens to her randomly probably twice a month.  We do not have a volume license.  We each have our own office 365 license.  We have a terminal server that hosts GP and we can access it remotely from our desktop.  We cannot figure out why this keeps happening and why it only happens to her.  Any ideas?
  • Smartlist and Excel
    Those articles do not help.  If it was a case of the licenses not being activated it would tell her that when she opens an excel file off of her desktop or any network drive.  This only happens when she exports a smartlist out of GP.
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    Smartlist and Excel
    Hi, please refer to the guidance support can provide digital solutions to Office problems Unlicensed Product:
    Hope it helps.
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