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Min/Max Functionality

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I am looking for a way to set up a coverage group or an override setting that will release a planned order if the On-Hand quantity goes below the minimum quantity.  We want this to be based only on the On-hand not any other demand (Sales Order of Forecast).  Any ideas.



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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Min/Max Functionality

    Hi Janna,

    Maybe this is what you're looking for!


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    Brandon Lucking 10 on at
    Re: Min/Max Functionality

    Adele, You also have to be able to see the inventory transaction of the purchase order coming in.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    Re: Min/Max Functionality

    You could create a plan that only includes on-hand inventory and no inventory transactions (sales order, purchase orders, production orders, etc.). This is set in the Setup section of the General tab in the master plan setup.

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    Janna Meyer 185 on at
    Re: Min/Max Functionality

    Thanks for the responses, but we have tested both the recommendations above and find the following problems.

    1.  If you only set the minimum in the item coverage group as suggested by Rachit Garg, the forecast and orders are considered in the plan and it is not based soley on the On-Hand quantity.

    2.  If you set the time fence to zero, once a Purchase order is placed, it does not consider that as supply coming in so it continues to place orders until the part is received into the system.

    3.  We also tried to create a different master plan set up, but we are wanting to run MRP in batch each night, so we don't want to use that master plan for all parts, only the ones that we want to be ordered based on the Min/Max coverage that we created.  

    If we could indicate, by item number, what master plan to use,  the goal could be accomplished.  Does anyone know if setting the master plan per item number is possible?

  • Re: Min/Max Functionality

    You could try a coverage time fence of zero, but that would still process overdue sales orders. Or you could try un-ticking 'Include inventory transactions' in the master plan setup

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    Rachit 4,011 User Group Leader on at
    Re: Min/Max Functionality


    Are you referring to below setup. Here we can defined minimum on hand level for coverage group to maintain on hand levels:

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    Re: Min/Max Functionality

    Good question, I am interested in an answer as well.


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