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Additional Info about Device Licenses Required

Posted on by 310

Device Licenses for Guides seem to be lacking some documentation and we are trying to understand a key piece of a device license.

When a user signs into Guides using a device license, how is the activity logged in the Dynamics Admin Center?

Is the activity of the user logged as belonging to whatever name has been assigned to the Device License?

Or is the activity of the user logged as belonging to whatever account has signed into the Hololens device?

We understand that with per seat licensing Guides tracks user activity, but as far as we can tell this is because Guides is tracking the name of the user the license is assigned to. This means that if I sign into a generic account on the Hololens, say "Hololens User" and then sign into Guides using a Guides License that is assigned to "Andrew", Guides logs my activity as "Andrew".

But we do not understand what will happen with a Guides Device License and have not been able to get a clear answer from our other contacts at Microsoft.

If I sign into my Hololens using a generic account say "Hololens User" and then sign into a Guides Device license named (for example) "Guides Device One", how is this activity logged? I have heard from some folks at Microsoft that the application would log activity under "Hololens User" and other folks at Microsoft tell me that the application would log activity under "Guides Device One".

This question is very important to understand because it determines additional overhead that might be incurred in order to filter out individual Guides sessions and metrics if all data is logged under the Generic label of the Device License.

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    Additional Info about Device Licenses Required
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    RE: Additional Info about Device Licenses Required

    Hi Andrew, a coworker mentioned your posting, so I wanted to jump in with some answers (I am on the Guides team and happy to have a follow up meeting if you want to deep dive into your scenario).

    • Quick answer: activity is logged for the shared user account that has been assigned the device license and used to sign into the app.
    • The logs do not reference whatever account or method was used to sign into the device itself.


    • A Guides device license is a shared Active Directory user account.
      • When setting up a device license, you create a generic Active Directory user, assign the device license to that user account, and sign into the app with that user.
    • The Guides app will log activity in the same way as any other user account - so in this case the log entries will reference the shared user account.
    • The Guides app does not log activity about the method or account that was used to sign into the device.
    • Typically admins will configure Guides to have the shared user account cached for sign-in. The device itself may use a PIN or whatever else the admin prefers.

    So unfortunately this means you cannot distinguish between operators using the shared user account. We are looking into ways of improving this, I would be happy to jump on a call and get more details from you on your scenario.

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    Leco Lv on at
    RE: Additional Info about Device Licenses Required

    Hi partner,

    Have you tried open a ticket to MS? You can seek help from Microsoft support engineers, who have the authority to consult the product owner responsible for the Guides.

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