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Integrate Dataverse with F&O 365D

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Hello developers!!

Can anyone help me with how we can integrate the dataverse with F&O 365D? 

  • Hana Xue Profile Picture
    Hana Xue on at
    Integrate Dataverse with F&O 365D
    Based on a lot of people responding to this, if the answer below is helpful, please mark it as verified to help more people.
    Best Regards,
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    Navneeth Nagrajan Profile Picture
    Navneeth Nagrajan 1,168 on at
    Integrate Dataverse with F&O 365D
    Dataverse can be integrated with D365 FO in the below mentioned ways:
    1. Dual write in D365 FO 
        Only recommended for master data integration with D365 FO. Not recommended for heavy data lifting like General Journal transactions or Vendor transactions etc. 
    2. Azure Synapse link for FO:
         Alternative for export to data Lake, however for transactional data in our current implementation we tested this piece and its not working as expected, so the recommendation is to go with  master data or low transactional implementation tables in this
         case. This framework resides in the PowerApps environment and pushes data into virtual entities that resides in the Dataverse platform. 
    Hope this helps. Happy to answer questions, if any.
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    Hana Xue Profile Picture
    Hana Xue on at
    Integrate Dataverse with F&O 365D
    You need to first understand your needs and confirm that you have a certain understanding of the components and functions of the Power Platform, as it may involve using tools such as Power Automate and Power Apps. There are two options. If you need to achieve real-time data synchronization, you can configure the dual write function. If you want to access data in F&O in the Dataverse without copying it, consider creating virtual entities. You can find installation and configuration details in the documentation:
    2.virtual entities:
    Best Regards,
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    Mohamed Amine Mahmoudi Profile Picture
    Mohamed Amine Mahmoudi 3,556 UG Leader on at
    Integrate Dataverse with F&O 365D
    I hope this can help you.
    Best regards,
    Mohamed Amine MAHMOUDI
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    Anthony Blake Profile Picture
    Anthony Blake 749 on at
    Integrate Dataverse with F&O 365D
    Depends what your requirements are, there are multiple options. Dual Write, Virtual Entities, etc
    Start by checking what's available an which best fits your scenarios:


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