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"PM_Key_Mstr could not find record" keeps happening

Posted on by 277
We have multiple customers who recently have received the PM_Key_Mstr error message when posting AP batches. It is odd that it has happened with multiple customers. We have not applied any updates to their GP instance recently. I have noticed that it does seem to appear more frequently on the customers who are using a terminal server. Could this be something to do with a windows update? I don't think it is a connection issue because they are using a terminal, but not sure what else would cause this. Has anyone else seen this issue appearing recently?
  • BJ-09051414-0 Profile Picture
    BJ-09051414-0 24 on at
    "PM_Key_Mstr could not find record" keeps happening
    Hey RJarrell,

    Based on your scenario, this is most likely environmental due to Posting interruptions. 

    First thing I would want to know is the error occurring when you are doing check batches or when you are posting Transaction Batches. If Check Batches, the error means that one or more of the Invoices that are getting paid are missing the PM00400 record. This tells us that there was an issue with the posting of the Transaction Batch. 

    If a Transaction Batch was interrupted, if there were multiple transactions in it, there are likely multiple transaction that are missing this record, and it could just be that those transaction were not corrected from the prior error messages corrections and why it might seem like this is a recurring issue. 

    Some suggestion going forward:
    1. First, we should verify that all of transaction have a Key Record.
      1. We can do this by running Check Links which will recreate any missing PM00400 records for transactions that have PM10000, PM20000 or PM30200 record. Best to do this in test first as no way to know what it will do until it is run.
    Error when you print checks in Payables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP - Dynamics GP | Microsoft Learn
    1. Before processing any new transactions, I would do the following.
      1. Have all users log out.
      2. Clear out the activity tables in SQL.
        1. If possible, restart the SQL instance completely as this will clear out the temp tables as well.
        2. If you cannot restart the SQL Instance, use step 3 in the KB article below to clear out the activity tables when everyone is logged out.
    A batch is held in the several statuses - Dynamics GP | Microsoft Learn
      1. Recreate and Synchronize the Forms and Reports Dictionaries.
        1. Please use the following article to recreate your Reports.dic:
          1. KB 850465
        2. If you have any modified forms\windows, you will want to recreate your Forms.dic as well.
          1. KB 951767
        3. To synchronize after recreating, use the steps below:
          1. Start Great Plains Utilities. To do this, follow the appropriate step:
          2. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft Dynamics, point to GP (or appropriate version), and then click Utilities.
          3. In the Additional Tasks window, click Synchronize forms and reports dictionaries, and then click Process.
          4. Locate the Dynamics.set file on the client computer, and then click Next. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP 2018)
      2. Restart the Terminal Box.
      3. Determine if the above mitigates the issue.
    1. Now if the issue still occurs, the suggestion next would be.
      1. Create a backup before posting batches.
      2. If the batch gets interrupted, restore the database.
      3. Post the batch again.
      4. Does the same thing happen?
        1. If not, then this is an environmental issue and will need to dig into the environment.
          1. If you do believe it is a windows update, Undo the windows update and see if the issue still occurs.
        2. If it is recruitable (Assuming the PM00400 is not missing from the Invoice already) and the error occurs during a check run. Then you will need to capture the process in the logs to try and capture what is causing this.
    I hope this helps!

    Thank you!
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    DinB 3,807 on at
    "PM_Key_Mstr could not find record" keeps happening
    Run "Query User" Command in Command Prompt in the Terminal Server, see "Logon Time" of the users to see how old is their sessions. Sometimes posting errors happens if the User's Server sessions are not logged off for long time.
  • Judy Profile Picture
    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    "PM_Key_Mstr could not find record" keeps happening
    Hi, please raise a SR to Mcirosoft for further investigation.
  • RJarrell Profile Picture
    RJarrell 277 on at
    "PM_Key_Mstr could not find record" keeps happening
    Judy, we have already applied that resolution. The issue is that the error persists and keeps happening and has also happened for multiple customers (so totally separate systems) in the last few weeks. 
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    Judy Profile Picture
    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    "PM_Key_Mstr could not find record" keeps happening
    Hi, please following the below article steps to resolve this issue.
    Best Regards,

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