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In customization report Indian GST values not displaying

Posted on by 115

Hi All,

We have one goods receipt note report which is customized in Indian tax values(GST) not displaying to any roles.If i give system admin role everything is displaying good..

Now what should i do to display GST values(tax values) in report.

  • Ziyao Profile Picture
    Ziyao on at
    RE: In customization report Indian GST values not displaying

    Hi Mohammed Hafeez,

    Let us choose a report Tax 1099 summary as an example which is under Accounts payable-> Reports-> Tax 1099-> Tax 1099 summary:


    You will need to open your Dev environment of AX 2012 and navigate to this report find the menu item of this report:


    Then go to Privileges under security and locate Tax1099Summary:


    Assign above privilege to the role you wish the users/role to view this report.

    If other users are not able to view this menu item, it could be the permission related. 

    Otherwise, other users are able to view this menu item but when they run this report, they can not see the specific field GST, then that is report logic related, kindly check with your developer before you made any modifications to this report.

    Thank you. 

  • mohammed hafeez Profile Picture
    mohammed hafeez 115 on at
    RE: In customization report Indian GST values not displaying

    Thanks, Ziyao

    Would you please provide me with steps to add roles and privileges to display GST values for users in the particular customized report?

    I am not a developer and present developer not available.

    I am a functional consultant.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Ziyao Profile Picture
    Ziyao on at
    RE: In customization report Indian GST values not displaying

    Hi Mohammed Hafeez,

    If this is permission related, then you will need to create a specific privilege for menu item of this report. And then assign the this privilege to the roles you willing them to view.

    Otherwise, this customized report can only viewed by SYSTEM ADMIN by default.

    If this is logic related please refer to below comments:

    When you are saying this receipt note report, and you customized GST on this report, did you created a separate report design for this purpose or you just added one "Textbox" and use hide/show to control this textbox?

    If you created a separate report for this purpose, then you will need to add a criteria on the SSRS report name calling base on the role/legal entity you willing to displayed.

    If you just added a "textbox" element on original report for hide and show, then you will need have a condition for this element itself.

    My suggestion for this element control is that, you added a true/false (Yes/no) field for this report data source table, and then find our the current role/ legal entity is to hide or show the GST and given value to this new field in SSRS process class logic.

    Then under this element, you simply add hide/show condition by yes or no base on this new added field value will be much easier than writing a complex condition that VB expression is not able to handle.

    Hope above information helps

    Thank you.

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