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Alternative Item Numbers

Posted on by 570

Is anyone using the alternative item number on the item details for anything other than finished goods?  We are using process industries and have the need to set up alternate raw materials in our formulas.  We need to the system to automatically pick up the alternate material just as it would at the finished good level.


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    Omar Dimech Profile Picture
    Omar Dimech 2 on at
    RE: Alternative Item Numbers

    Hi Sebastian

    you need to zeroise the quantity for the items with the lowest priority and only set the quantity for the item with the highest priority.  If you set the quantity for all the item codes of the Plan Group, the quantity will be accumulated (standard AX)

    Should work for you - we use this with 2 items and works well

  • RE: Alternative Item Numbers


    I'm having the same issue that Witold described. Also when i use more than 3 items in a Planning Group the Planned Purchase Order adds the required quantity of the 3 items. When it should suggest the required quantity of the item with the highest priority.


    Witold, have you find a solution for these problem? I found a Hotfix, KB 2829728, for these issue, but the result of the required quantity is still wrong.  


    I would appreciate any suggestions.

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Alternative Item Numbers

    For what it's worth, Cincom's business suite builds upon AX as an advanced manufacturing vertical, and we enable some very flexible substitutions and alternates at all levels of BOM, can be established for a specific part but overridden in individual BOM lines, etc. We even support a configurable "pecking order", where you direct which substitute to consider first, second, etc., and also whether if substituting to enforce full or partial (demand satisfied through combination of products).

  • SYNAPIS IT Profile Picture
    SYNAPIS IT 1,257 on at
    RE: Alternative Item Numbers


    can I ask a question about setup of alternative item in formula line? I guess that you have discovered that functionality in AX :) In my example - in formula line I have item A with qty: 3 pcs. I would like to add an alternative (I mean - when there is no stock level for item A and there is stock level for item B - item B will be used instead of A during master planning). How shall I setup formula lines ? I know that I shall define Plan Grop (I have done that). I defined two lines in formula:

    1. Item A; qty: 3; Plan Group: Plan_A; priority: 7

    2. Item B; qty ???; Plan Group: Plan_A; priority: 3

    I have in my example stock level = 1000 pcs of Item B on stock and nothing for Item A. When I used settings wit qty=0 for Item B - system is planning Purchase Order for Item A; when I used qty=3 for Item B system has planned Purchase Order for (3+3) = 6 pcs of Item B (having available stock = 100 pcs !!!)

    Could you be so kind and help me understanding of alternatives philosophy in formulas...?

    Thanks for any advice...


  • Julie Johnsey Profile Picture
    Julie Johnsey 570 on at
    RE: Alternative Item Numbers

    Thanks for the repy.

  • Julie Johnsey Profile Picture
    Julie Johnsey 570 on at
    RE: Alternative Item Numbers

    Hi, Tim.

    Thanks for the suggestion.  It helped lead me in the right direction.  Just a note if anyone is considering this...If you use formulas, the alternative material cannot be percent controlled.  Just put the amount.  You have to create a Planning Group and then put the alternate materials in this planning group and assign a prioritiy.  You have to do this on each individual formula, so to be effective every formula that can use the alternate needs to be changed.

  • Re: Alternative Item Numbers


    As per our understanding, alternate item can be suggested during the sales order processing of the item.  But in production there would be no alternate item which can be used during the processing of Production order by formula.

    Hope this helps,

    Shantanoo- BWIR

  • Re: Alternative Item Numbers

    The alternate item function on the item master only works for finished goods, that is it is only used when you create a sales order ( or quotation) line. Process industries includes an extra function on the BOM line but I forget the details of how it functions but it's documented in the Process Industries training manuals

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