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Analytical codes detached during posting of Payment of expenses through bank management

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Dear All,

My client claims that analytical codes are detached during posting of payment of expenses through bank management. The batch brings an error as it moves to batch recovery archive. When the batch is recovered and edit list printed, its found that some of the accounts missing the codes. This happens on big batches that have payments with distribution accounts each with its codes. This still happen on a batch that has a single cheque with many distributions that contain analysis .we have tried to post the batches directly from server to eliminate connectivity suspicions. My client is on GP 2018 Version:18.00.0438 and he claims that the earlier version GP 2010 R2 (11.00.1752) had no issue with such batches. 

Is there any issue on GP 2018 Version:18.00.0438 on analytical accounting module?.

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    Analytical codes detached during posting of Payment of expenses through bank management
    We are having the same experience with our Sales Module posting when the transaction includes analytical codes.  When the end user posts, the codes are stripped/removed and the SLSTE batch does not post through the general ledger as our settings dictate it should.  Instead, the batch ends up in batch recovery in the GL with no analytical codes attached to the transaction. 
    If I post the SOP batches with my admin role, the batch posts through the general ledger with the analytical codes intact. 
    This posting issue started once we upgraded to GP 18.5, where we left GP2015R2 and did not experience this AA posting issue.  There is a new posting setting feature in GP18.5, Allow Transaction Posting, and we're curious to know if it's affecting how users should have their security roles configured, as that's the only notable difference between our legacy environment and now GP18.5.
    Does anyone have an answer outside of giving our end users more posting rights than they should have?

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