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Change Log does not track Changes in Business Central

Posted on by Microsoft Employee


I set up the Change Log for Table 27 (Insert, modification, deletion) for all fields and checked the Change Log activated check.

But it does not track anything in Business Central, except the setup it self. Is this a bug, or do I need to do something else?

Thank You

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    AJAnsari 5,752 on at
    RE: Change Log does not track Changes in Business Central

    Hi Rico,

    In Business Central (and also for users of the Web Client of NAV), you would have to log out / sign out of Business Central from the top right of your web page, and then sign back in to achieve the result of "closing the client and restarting" the Windows Client of NAV. In many ways, Business Central works like the Web Client of NAV.

    That said, I've just tested the Change Log in Business Central now, and I agree that it is not working the way it is supposed to. You can either wait for someone from the Microsoft team to see and address this thread (and they may miss it), or it can be much quicker if you open a support case with Microsoft. If you are an end-user, please ask your partner to open the support case on your behalf.

    We've had to open some Business Central support cases in the past when things didn't work as expected, and we got very quick responses from the Microsoft support team. In some instances, they were able to address the issue right away or give us a workaround, and in other cases, they escalated the issue as a bug and we saw that it fixed in a subsequent update of Business Central (the monthly fixes).

    I hope this helps. If my response has answered your question, please verify by clicking Yes next to "Did this answer your question?"

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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Change Log does not track Changes in Business Central

    Hi Binesh,

    Thank you for answering. But I am talking about Dynamics 365 Business Central (the cloud version). I know, it works perfectly fine on premise (NAV 2018) but for Business Central there is no more Client than WebClient or WindowsApp. Closing those has no effect on it.

    So your answer is correct, but unfortunately not suitable for Business Central. :)

    Thank you anyway.


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    Binesh 7,885 on at
    RE: Change Log does not track Changes in Business Central

    Hello Rico Dammann,

    I have checked and its tracking as expected. only you have to Re-Open the Client you will get all changes.

    see the below screenshot.





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