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GP Web Client - Windows Not Showing

Posted on by 1,910

Hello All,

I have setup GP web client on my test environment (18.4.1384). But when I login to the web client, I am not able to see most of the windows that I have access to on the (rich) desktop client. Any one who has encountered this?

Desktop-Client_2D00_Showing-Windows.JPG           Web-Client_2D00_No-Windows.JPG

  • Peter Muchira Profile Picture
    Peter Muchira 1,910 on at
    RE: GP Web Client - Windows Not Showing

    Hello Lucas,

    Many thanks for sharing the article and the work-around. And yes, this was my issue as described in the article; being on version 18.4. The suggested work-around  - "to copy the Web Client folder from (prior) 18.3 install over to the new GP18.4 code folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\WebClient)" - worked !! 

  • Peter Muchira Profile Picture
    Peter Muchira 1,910 on at
    RE: GP Web Client - Windows Not Showing

    Hello Bill,

    Thanks for the suggestions. The drop downs are opening/showing the listed window only, not any other. I countered checked the user permissions - and they are all good, but the windows won't get listed/displayed as they should.  

  • Verified answer
    Lucas Miller Profile Picture
    Lucas Miller on at
    RE: GP Web Client - Windows Not Showing


    It sounds like you are running into a known issue with an early build of the Fall 2021 Web Client, as outlined here:

    At this point the solution is to patch your Dynamics GP desktop client, which contains the WebClient folder where this issue comes from, to at least the January 2022 patch.

    If upgrading now is not an option you can use the workaround from the above article to replace the WebClient folder in your GP client with an older version that doesn't have this particular problem.

  • Suggested answer
    Bill Campbell Profile Picture
    Bill Campbell 22,645 on at
    RE: GP Web Client - Windows Not Showing

    Just to address one of the obvious issues here (1) has the user got permissions in the company (2) looking at the screen presented, I wonder if the DROP downs are just being suppressed - look at the arrow by the menu options?   See if there is any response to clicking on the arrow heads.

    Just a shot in the dark.

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