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Manager override on POS when giving discounts

Posted on by Microsoft Employee


I am setting up POS permissions in AX 2012. The cashiers can only give e.g. 15% line discount and if they need to give more discount they have to get the manager over. In AX the cashier permission group is set to give max. 15% line discount and on the POS operation the manager privilege is selected. The manager permission group is set to give max. 100% line discount.

If I log into the POS as the cashier and give 20% line discount, I get a notification saying the user does not have permission to do this. Then a log in screen appears. I log in with the manager username and password and get asked to enter the discount percentage. I enter 20% and get a notification saying that I don't have permission to do this as I can only give max. 15% discount, which is the cashiers permission so it does not seem to check the permission of the manager who is logging in.

Is there any way to set this up?

Is the only workaround to suspend the transaction, log out, log back in as the manager, retrieve the transaction and finish it?

I found the following blog on this. Is this the way to do this or have any changes been made to AX to enable this?:

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    RE: Manager override on POS when giving discounts

    Thank you for the answer!

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    RE: Manager override on POS when giving discounts

    Hi Ragnhildur,

    POS shows "Manager login" form for you, because you configured 'Manager' permission for 'Discount' operation - this means, cashier will always need to enter manager credentials to apply any discount (even less than 15%). But this "Manager login" does not change disc. percent limit - it only allows any discount operation to be executed.

    So if you need to implement the following scenario:
    1) Cashier enters 10% discount -> discount is applied without any Manager credentials;
    2) Cashier enters 20% discount -> POS asks to enter manager credentials. If manager credentials are entered => discount is applied.

    You can do the following:
    1) remove permissions from Discount operations:


    2) Modify Discount project of POS SDK as described in the article you attached to question. This is POS code change, not AX.
    Changes will be in Discount project from Retail SDK in the following methods:

    1. AuthorizeLineDiscountAmount();
    2. AuthorizeLineDiscountPercent();
    3. AuthorizeTotalDiscountAmount();
    4. AuthorizeTotalDiscountPercent().


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