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Business Central Certification Renewal inquiry.

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Hey, so I took my MB-800 certification exam last June. Now I have to take the renewal certification exam, however questions on this assessment are different from the certification exam. Does, anyone have or know anywhere I can study guide for renewal certification. I am going through the study guide in the meantime. 

  • McDowellarnold Profile Picture
    McDowellarnold 2 on at
    Business Central Certification Renewal inquiry.

    It's great that you're proactively preparing for your MB-800 renewal assessment! You're right, the renewal assessment format can be different from the original certification exam, and it's understandable to feel some confusion about where to focus your study efforts.

    Here are some tips and resources that might be helpful:

    Understanding the renewal assessment:

    • Format: Unlike the full certification exam, the renewal assessment typically consists of fewer questions (usually around 25) and focuses on areas where your knowledge might have gaps or need refreshing. The goal is to assess your ongoing competency rather than comprehensively re-evaluate your entire knowledge base.
    • Content: The renewal assessment content should align with the current skills measured for the MB-800 certification. Microsoft usually provides updated skill profiles on their website, which outline the specific areas you should be familiar with.
    Best MB-800 exam preparation resource:
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    YUN ZHU Profile Picture
    YUN ZHU 63,857 Super User on at
    RE: Business Central Certification Renewal inquiry.

    Hi, I just renewed my MB-800 certification last week. A total of 25 questions, 60 points or more can pass. It's true that the questions are a bit weird, but you can challenge them every 24 hours. You can write down the questions each time and look into them after the test, I don't know if the second time is the same as the first time, I think it will help.



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    Amit_Sharma Profile Picture
    Amit_Sharma 2,545 on at
    RE: Business Central Certification Renewal inquiry.


    There is no such study material available in Microsoft Sites.

    Refer below website:


    Amit Sharma

    Press Yes if info is useful.

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    Stefano Demiliani Profile Picture
    Stefano Demiliani 37,152 on at
    RE: Business Central Certification Renewal inquiry.

    Questions in the renewal assessments are always different from the real exam (it's a renewal!).

    MS Learn actually contains all the topics you need to pass the reneval assessments:

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    DAnny3211 Profile Picture
    DAnny3211 9,184 Super User on at
    RE: Business Central Certification Renewal inquiry.


    look this


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