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Fetch contacts from multiple segments with condition

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I am trying to use Postman API to fetch contacts that are in segments. 
I want to fetch several segments (with some condition, like segment name contains /xyz/) and their contacts, but I only know how to fetch contacts from one single segment. 
Is there any solution? 
POST {{OrgUrl}}/api/data/v9.0/msdyncrm_FetchContactsByQuery{    /Query/:/(SEGMENT(SEGMENT_CRM_ID_e1fa7fdc5c78ea11a811000d3a8e8fcc)).ORDERBY(fullname ASC).SKIP(0).TAKE(15).SELECT(contactid)/,    /FetchXml/://,/OwningBusinessUnit/:/0b4b85cc-7f6c-ea11-a811-000d3a54d359/,    /Scope/:270100000,    /TimeZone/:null}
I try to revise (SEGMENT(SEGMENT_CRM_ID_e1fa7fdc5c78ea11a811000d3a8e8fcc)) to (SEGMENT(IN(SEGMENT_CRM_ID_e1fa7fdc5c78ea11a811000d3a8e8fcc, second_segment_id)), but it doesn't work.