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Creating DataEntity with TmpProjStatusSetup source table

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I'm working on the customization of the ProjectStage form in Project Management and Accounting in D365 for Operations and I've customized the table(TmpProjStatusSetup) using extensions and added the fields to the front-end form(ProjectStage). 

I've to get the data from the TmpProjStatusSetup table extension and pass it to the data entity. But, since TmpProjStatusSetup  is a temporary table I cannot use it as a primary data source. Can anyone suggest something as to how this issue can be solved?

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    RE: Creating DataEntity with TmpProjStatusSetup source table

    I do not have the specific answer to your question, but usually if AX operates with temporary tables on a form, then it gets processed and realized in actual tables.

    In your case, you might just have to read through the code and see where does the information get used. Once you have the regular table for that, it can go to the data entity (if there is not one already out-of-the-box).

    You may try using cross-references to see if by chance you have any direct value assignment from the temporary table to the real table.

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