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Access denied error when creating order

Posted on by 162

Hi everyone, 

I'm having troubles with an access denied error when a user is trying to create a order out of a quote that belongs to another user of the same Business Unit. 

The Error Log File doesn't really give any information: 

You do not have enough privileges to access the Microsoft Dynamics 365 object or perform the requested operation. For more information, contact your Microsoft Dynamics 365 administrator.
Activity Id: d93e51f4-6f09-43aa-9d0b-e2a5535967ef

My first guess was of course a missing privilege in the security role. Weird thing is though that the security roles have not been touched for a couple of weeks because everything had been working just fine and no adjustments were needed anymore.
This specific user also didn't have any troubles until this week..

But lets say, for some reason there is something missing in the security role - what rights could be missing?
I will insert screenshots of the security role.


I also tried to give wide access rights for anything related to products/order/etc. But nothing changed the error. Since its not our "basic" role but a specific one for being able to work not only with own records but with records of the Business Unit, there are the following rights on top for this specific user: 

pastedimage1596693300377v3.png pastedimage1596693316006v4.png

Maybe someone can help me out, I'm pretty lost here. Thank you so much in advance! 

  • Anthony Dong Profile Picture
    Anthony Dong on at
    RE: Access denied error when creating order

    Hi ,

    I saw there was activity ID in the error message, in this situation , we would like to suggest you contact MS support to check backend trace with the ID.

    Meanwhile, you may temporarily assign system admin role to this users to see if error message will disappear . At this moment, the error message is limited

  • LuHao Profile Picture
    LuHao 40,844 on at
    RE: Access denied error when creating order

    Hi partner,

    Please refer to these two blogs to know how to find the specific permissions you are missing.

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