Microsoft Dynamics GPI imagine all Microsoft Dynamics GP partners are aware that Fabrikam Day is soon to be upon us (6 sleeps!). Amber Bell gives a good writeup of the origin of Fabrikam Day. The first sample company I remember working with is Fabrikam; I’m apparently a little too young to remember The World Online (which lives on in the default Fabrikam database name of TWO).

In advance of Fabrikam Day we got a couple of photos taken. The first is just me:

Ian Grieve, ERP Practice Manager at perfect Image and Microsoft Most Valuable ProfessionalIan Grieve, ERP Practice Manager at Perfect Image and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

And also roped in the ERP Practice for a photo too:

The ERP Practice at Perfect ImageThe ERP Practice at Perfect Image

From left is Mark H, Laura, Kevin, me, Mark L and Jamie.

Unfortunately, we have a number of pieces of work booked in with clients next week, so won’t be able to do anything as a team on Fabrikam Day itself.

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