This is fixed in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2014 Year-End Update that released in November 2014, version 12.00.1801 or later, click HERE.



I just wanted to write a quick post regarding an issue that has come to light in the last two weeks.  We’ve had a handful of reports from partners and customers who are saying that the process of logging in after upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 is taking longer than it used to, specifically when the login is loading personal settings.

We’ve found that this is due to a series of duplicate Navigation List Views that may be created during the upgrade.  These duplicates occur in the following locations:

1) Under the Purchasing area page:

  • Purchasing Requisition Transactions
  • Purchase Order Transactions

2) Under the HR & Payroll area page:

  • Historical Timecards
  • Current Timecards

If you are experiencing a slow login and want to verify if this if you issue you will want to log into Dynamics GP and check each of the above Navigation Lists.  The screenshot below shows what these duplicates appear like under the HR& Payroll area page:


Note that the Views under these Navigation Lists are duplicated twice.  We’ve found that the duplicated are tied to the number of companies in Dynamics GP, so some customers with a large number of companies will see a huge number of duplicates, which causes the performance issue. All of these new items have been added to support the new Workflow functionality within the Dynamics GP client, which is the commonality between these particular Navigation Lists.

This issue has been reported to the Development Team and they’re working on a fix.  In the meantime you can open a support case with the Dynamics GP team, noting Problem Report 80223,  and we’ll be able to review, and as necessary clean up the affected tables for you.