Have you ever had a Vendor call in wondering about the Invoice related to their payment? Or wondered what check paid a particular PO? Well, wonder no more – presenting the all new Purchasing All-in-One View!!   You can now easily view all transactions for a particular vendor, or other Purchasing documents related to a particular Purchasing transaction.

For example, a vendor calls asking about a specific payment.  Users will be able to select the vendor and then view all documents related to the payment, such as the PO, receipt, invoice, payment, etc.

A new window has been added – the Purchasing All-in-One View window. This window is accessible from multiple locations in GP, including:

  • Vendor Maintenance 

  • Purchase Order Processing Document Inquiry

  • Vendor Inquiry 

  • Transaction Inquiry – Vendor

  • Transaction Inquiry – Document 

  • Purchase Order Processing Item Inquiry

  • Navigation Lists

    • Vendors

    • All Purchasing Transactions

    • Payables Transactions

    • Purchase Order Transactions


When a summary record in a section is tapped or clicked the new Purchasing All-in-One View window will be filtered to show only documents relating to the document that was tapped/clicked.  For example, here’s what happens when a single PO is selected:

Clicking the expansion arrow will give expanded details about the transaction selected:

The filter icon will open a new pop-up filter window to allow for filtering and searching.  Each column will have a filter with different options as well as search capabilities. 

All manner of Purchasing and Payables documents are shown, including:

  • Purchase Orders

  • Shipments

  • Invoiced

  • Payments

  • Returns

  • Credit Documents

While this information has always been available in Dynamics GP, we now have an easy to use, central location to quickly access the information you need to server your Vendors most efficiently.   This is a great new Feature, brought about by your continued input for improving Dynamics GP.

Happy Viewing!


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