There is currently an issue with Microsoft Word on a certain version, where vertically merged cells on tables do not display contents.  While this is not a bug with Microsoft Dynamics GP, it can affect templates that have vertically merged cells, which we commonly see in the header with the logo.   If you suddenly are missing your logo or information on your template that used to be there you may be running into this.


The table in the header usually has vertical merged cells, so according to this bug it will appear as blank.  As of now the Workaround is to unapply the Microsoft Word KB4011039, or wait as Word releases a fix which is tentatively scheduled for the October update.   Since this doesn’t have anything to do with GP, I do not support this but I wanted people to be aware as we have had a handful of cases come in on this.   


The good news is that it does not appear to be an issue with the document itself, and emailing/printing the document and sending it to customers, they are going to see the logo unless they happen to be on the exact version of Word that you are, in which case they would be running into that Bug with Word as well.



One way to verify if you are running into this issue is by opening the template on a different machine or server that has a different version of Word to see if you logo still appears there.

Please reach out to Microsoft Word if you have questions on the status of this issue or how to uninstall a KB. 


Isaac Olson

Microsoft Dynamics GP