Hello AA users!  For those of you who have multiple company databases, it can be hard to keep track of which ones have AA enabled.  Here is a quick and easy script to identify which ones do or do not.  *Note if your Dynamics database is NOT named "DYNAMICS", you will need to change that to the appropriate name for your instance on the FROM clause before running the script.*

Is AA Enabled:

select a.CMPANYID AS CompanyID, a.INTERID AS SQLDatabase,a.CMPNYNAM AS CompanyName, b.aaCompanyStatus as AAType,

CASE b.aaCompanyStatus

WHEN 4 THEN 'Activated with Data'


ELSE 'Not Enabled'

END   AS AAStatus

FROM DYNAMICS..AAG00104 b join DYNAMICS..SY01500 a

on a.CMPANYID = b.CMPANYID order by AAType DESC, CompanyID

Any results with 'Activated with Data' will mean that AA records are getting populated in that database.  Any database with this result will have a default record created for every journal entry even if you have not begun setting up AA, and for all GL accounts even if no accounts are linked to a dimension.  If you are using Management Reporter 2012 CU10 or newer, you can choose whether or not it will be reading data from the AA tables.  In GP2015 or newer, that option is located in (Microsoft Dynamics GP under Administration, then Setup, then under Company and Company and Options).  In GP2010 and 2013, that option is available in the Management Reporter Configuration Console.  If Enable Analytical Accounting Reporting is marked, MR will read solely from the AA tables.

A result of "INVALID AA" means that AA Activation was started but did not complete correctly.  In this scenario, you will need to start over with AA Activation if AA is needed for the company.  If you do not have a backup to restore to, a support case would be needed to reset the database for re-activation.  

Hopefully this simplifies seeing which of your database have AA or not.