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I am sure most of you have some exposure to our Word Templates feature. If not, you should really look into this because frankly they are cool!


I wanted to take a minute of your time today to discuss printing with Word Templates, specifically printing to printer.


When printing any Word Template to printer it will auto print to your Windows default printer.


This is due to Microsoft Dynamics GP (GP) printing the report into Microsoft Office Word (Word). Word, then prints the template that was generated by GP. 


Currently, GP can only tell Word to print the template automatically, GP cannot tell Word which printer it should use.  So whichever printer you have set up to be default Windows printer is the printer that Word will use by default, and that is where the template will print. 


An alternative solution for this issue could be for you to print to screen for templates. This will open the template in Microsoft Word and then you can select whichever printer you need from there.


Ultimately, if you send a template directly to the printer, it will go to Word, but then Word will determine what printer will be used.


There is a Microsoft Idea (product suggestion) out there that you can look to vote up if you too have this issue and would like to see a change.

Disable system print dialog box when printing a Word Template


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