In Microsoft Dynamics GP (18.2.xxxx), We’ve added a new ability to Workflow, so that now Workflow Managers can change approvers on an existing workflow task that is active and has current documents pending approval from that approver.

By using the new Edit Workflow Approver (Administration > Setup > Customer > Workflow > Edit Workflow Approver), Workflow Managers can now look at all workflows that are active, for all workflow types they are assigned as the manager:

....or filter by workflows assigned to a specific approver:

……..or look at a specific Workflow type, if they are assigned as a Workflow Manager over different types of workflows:

Once I choose ‘by Workflow Type’ and then the Series and Workflow Type, or choose ‘by Workflow Approver’ or ‘by Workflow Manager’, I choose to either filter by Workflow Document Number or…………, then click the ‘Redisplay’ button which will list those specified workflow for which I’m the manager, based on what options and filter I’ve applied.

For example, I’m a Workflow Manager of both a PO Approval and GL Batch Approval workflow types. I have a purchase order, say PO2077, that I need to change the currently assigned approver on, because the current approver is going to be away or has left the company or whatever reason.

 In the ‘Delegate Document To’ field for the workflow I want to edit, I click the magnifying glass/lookup button to bring up the Workflow User Selection window and select the approver of the workflow step I want to change.

I click the ‘Process’ button which will process the assigned approver on the workflow(s) I have specified in this window, showing a green progress bar at the bottom of the window.

Once it has finished, I can go back into the workflow that I made the change to and verify that the currently assigned approver has now been changed.

This feature will only change the currently assigned approver for the workflows that you select to change, this does not make any changes to the workflows or workflow steps in the Workflow Maintenance window, nor does it setup any type of delegation for any future workflows that may be submitted for approval.

***NOTE: If the workflow manager’s GP login is not assigned the POWERUSER security role, the only security role, by default, that gives access to the Workflow Maintenance and Edit Workflow Approver windows is the ‘ACCOUNTING MANAGER*’ security role. The default security task is the ‘ADMIN_COMPANY_013*’.

       Also, if the workflow manager is not assigned the POWERUSER security role, in the Workflow Maintenance window, they will only see and have access to those workflow types that they are assigned to as a workflow manager, while the POWERUSER role user will see all workflow types.

***NOTE2: Because the ‘Edit Workflow Approver’ window is new to 18.02.xxxx / Microsoft Dynamics GP, you will need to have run the security insert scripts from the following blog, otherwise non-POWERUSERS will not be able to access this window:

New Security Roles and Tasks missing after upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP and Year-End Update (18.2.1007 or later)

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Derek Albaugh

Microsoft Support