Yes! More Doc Attach!  Now you attach documents related to your bank transactions to help you keep a more detailed history.  

Document Attachments are now available to use in the Bank Deposit Entry window, and Bank Transaction Entry window.  To use this feature, you must first enable Document Attachments in your Microsoft Dynamics GP company. 

Go to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Reports menu, point to Tools, point to Setup, Point to Company, then click on Document Attachment Setup and mark the option to Allow Document Attachments.

Once enabled the following windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP will display a paper clip on the top menu for adding and viewing Document Attachments.

     Bank Transaction Entry

     Bank Deposit Entry

     Bank Transaction Entry Zoom

     Bank Deposit Entry Zoom

The following is an example of the Bank Deposit Entry window without a document attached yet. 


The following is an example of the Bank Deposit Entry Zoom with a document already attached to it. 


For more documentation on our new features please check out our Microsoft Dynamics GP New Feature Blog Series!

Isaac Olson

Microsoft Support