Nothing can replace the power of the Historical Inventory Trial Balance when it comes to reconciling your Inventory to the GL, but if you ever wanted a quick view of an inventory item's ins and outs for a specific date range, this is a great way to do it!

The Item Stock Inquiry how allows you to filter your results based on a date range.  A new option to Sort by Document Date, Document Type, and Document Number is also available in this window. 

To access this window go to the Inquiry menu, point to Inventory, Click Item Stock.  After selecting a date filter and sort, click the redisplay button to view the results.  

Note: The totals in the bottom of the Item Stock Inquiry will not change based on the date filters selected.  This feature is not designed for complete reconciliation, but provides a nice snapshot of transactions that occurred during your specified date range.  Please refer to the Historical Inventory Trial Balance for reconciliation. 

For more documentation on our new features please check out our Microsoft Dynamics GP New Feature Blog Series!

Isaac Olson

Microsoft Support