In the Payables Setup, you now have the option of enabling a longer description field for the Payables Transaction Entry window.  Marking this option in setup will enable a new field called long description to the Payables Transaction Entry window that will also be viewable when inquiring on the transaction.  The traditional description field will hold a maximum of 30 characters, where the long description field will hold up to 200 characters. 

To enable the long description field, go to the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, point to Tools, point to Setup, point to Purchasing, and click on Payables.  You will notice a new option to mark titled Enable Long Description in Payables Transaction Entry. 


Once enabled, the Long Description field will now be displayed below the original description field in the following windows as well as the Check Printing Reports:

     Payables Transaction Entry

     Payables Transaction Entry Zoom


When adding a check amount directly to an invoice in the Payables Transaction Entry window, the Long Description will print on the following reports when selecting the Print Check button:

     Check With Stub on Top

     Check With Stub on Bottom

     Check With Stub on Top and Bottom-Text

     Check With Stub on Top and Bottom-Graphical

     Check With Two Stub on Top

     User-Defined Check1

     User-Defined Check2

Additional Notes: 

The long description field will not be printed in the reports from the select payments/checks window.  The reports above will only display the long description when printed directly from the Payables Transaction Entry Window.

Default Word Template reports will not automatically display the Long Description, they must be modified to print this new field.

The Long Description will not be posted on General Ledger transactions, this only updates the  LNGDESC column in the tables below.

Table Physical Names

Table Technical Name

New field
















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