There are plenty more great new features to tell you about!  In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, you now have the option to select one check per invoice by Vendor.

Note:  You cannot use the PSTL (Professional Service Tools Library) Select Checks Combiner and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 RTM feature One check per Invoice.  
What happens is when the Select Checks Combiner in PSTL is enabled you cannot have the Vendor option for ‘One Payment Per’ set to Invoice. If you do, Microsoft Dynamics GP creates a Payment per each Invoice per your setup, then PSTL will remove the transactions from the Keys (PM00400) and Work (PM10300) records for all of the payments created after the first. The only real records for the payments will be found in the apply table (PM10200) and remittance table (PM20100).

When you select Statement from the Print Icon in this window, you will have the option to Select the Statement ID.  Click Print.  In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, the option was only available in the Select Checks window.  

Now in GP2018, all vendors included in the batch would default to the setting when you select Use the Vendor Option in the Build Payments window.

Save Select Payment Settings
This is another new feature in GP 2018 that now allows you to save Select Payment Settings in the Build Payment Batch window.  This was previously the Select Checks window.  You can now save your settings with the Payment Option ID.   To open the Build Payment Batch Window: Under Purchasing, point to Transactions, then click on the Build Payment Batch.  You will see the Payment Option ID in the window.  

All Options selected in this window will now be saved by the Payment Option ID.  You will be able to select the different Payment Option ID’s for future batches in GP2018.  This will save users time as they will no longer need to remark all the options each time a payment batch is generated when you want to use previous default settings.

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