For those using Word Template, you may have noticed that when printing to Word you are seeing the print dialog every time.

With the Fall 2020 GP update, you can now use Named Printers to skip the Print Dialog and enable one-click printing of Word Templates. 

To enable this feature you must first have Named Printers setup, you can find instructions for a new setup at Setting up named printers.

Once you have the basic Named Printers setup, you can mark each printer to use Named Printers for Templates. Just open the Assign Named Printers window. Go to Tool, click setup, choose system, and click Named Printers.

Once you open this window, all you need to do is click the Setup button and select the Printer ID the users usually use, then mark the 'Use Named Printer when printing word Templates' checkbox. Click Save on the Setup Named Printers window, and now when users click print the document will be sent directly to the printer after generation.


NOTE: Because Word controls all printing settings when using Word Templates, the default printing options will still be used, not the options within Named Printers. This functionality simply allows for admins to remove the old pop-up that had no effect on what was printed. More information on this can be found here: