For employee copies of the W-2, we have a new option to partially mask the SSN when W-2s are printed.  A new checkbox labeled as Partial Mask SSN will be available in the Print W-2 Forms window.  This option will also partially make the 1095-C reports that are printed when it is selected. 

The masking will use following format which will only keep the last 4 digits: XXX-XX-1234

To access this new option, go to the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, point to Tools, point to Routines, point to Payroll, and click on Print W-2s.

Print W-2 Forms Window showing new Partial Mask SSN option 

In my example below I have printed the W-2 One-Wide Forms with box, and you will notice that the SSN has been partially masked.

The partial masking will function on all 5 of our W-2 Form Types, as well as the 1095-C.

NOTE: All W-2s printed from the Employee Self Service Module, will automatically be partially mask, this cannot be toggled.

I hope you enjoy this feature!  Continue to check back to the Microsoft Dynamics GP October 2021 - Feature Blog Series Schedule page to review upcoming blog posts related to our new features and other helpful resource links.

Isaac Olson

Microsoft Support